LLI understands that personal and leadership development is vital to an educational community. Therefore workshops are designed to equip educators with strategies on how to lead and inspire change within their educational communities. Workshops are designed to be impactful, reflective, and inspire a call to action. Choose from any of the subtopics and design a professional learning package for you and/or your educational community. Inquire about additional leadership trainings to fit your goals.


Personal and Leadership Development

• How to grow in leadership
• How to lead without title or position
• How to increase your influence in leadership
• How to prioritize and maintain work/life balance
• How to maintain your passion for teaching and leadership
• How to use leadership principles to lead more effectively

Developing the Leaders Around You

• How to coach and develop others
• How to lead team initiatives successfully
• How to transition from individual performer to leading a team
• How to build and maintain relationships to get work done
• How to lead and inspire creative thinking in inquiry based teams
• How to maximize team potential to achieve success

Leading Organizational Change

• How to be a lead change agent of a team or organization
• How to improve and sustain a culture of creativity and innovation
• How to increase leadership capacity to strengthen the organization
• Five (5) prescriptions for healthy teams or organizations
• How to lead a team or organization with the future in focus
• How to approach challenges in decision-making processes

Inquire about leadership workshops to fit your educational goals

LLI Leadership Investment Package Includes:

• Weekly/Monthly coaching via phone, Skype, or in person
• Customized Leadership Workshops and Training
• Email support and check-ins as needed
• Creation of a plan specific to your needs and goals
• Support and Accountability
• “Round Table” for on-going leadership development

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